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Mx 50 Euronations


GENERAL ASD MOTORCYCLES National MotoSportItalia, with the Italia MX 50CC Group, Sportmotoclubuispcarpi and Arena Cross Carpi, index for the year 2018 the Amateur Trophy in a single EURONATION MX 50CC test dedicated to 50cc displacement motorcycles. The event will start in the afternoon of Saturday 30 June, with qualifying and final heats at night, thanks to the lighting system of the sports circuit of Carpi.
On Friday 29th June free practice sessions are planned for all those wishing to try the Carpi circuit.
The area is equipped with all services to welcome all participants of the International Motoring Day.






Registration to the EURONATION Trophy is allowed to participants of over 15 years old, with a valid annual Sports Card or with MSP – MotoSportItalia Card to be subscribed at the competition secretary.
The pre-registrations will be valid by the deadline of 20 June 2018 by sending the registration FORM completed in all its parts and the bank transfer of € 70.00

c/o IBAN: IT66X0103023300000010310170 BIC: PASCITM1019 to Sport Moto Club Uisp Carpi, MPS CARPI.

The pre-registrations sent after the indicated deadline will be accepted according to the places left available and an additional membership fee of € 10.00 is required.




The mandatory sportswear required for participation is: protective helmet of integral motocross type with not removable chin guard approved , racing bib , back protector, technical trousers with knee protectors, protective gloves and off-road boots in good condition. The use of the protective collar is recommended.




Participants must request their race number in the Pre-registration form among those available, following the diagram below. The motorcycles must have readable numbers placed on three tables (2 side and 1 front) with high figures cm. 15 of the following colors:
G1 – Numbers from 200 to 299 –
G2 – Numbers from 100 to 199 –
G3 – Numbers from 1 to 99 –




Each regularly registered driver must perform the General Technical Verification to participate in the Event. The checks will take place in the area adjacent to the Paddock. All the registered motorcycles must respect the following safety instructions:
- Mandatory switch off button on the handlebar
– No free cable on the bike (not fixed or attached)
– The accelerator must work and return freely
– The silencer is mandatory, 95dB maximum, it must not exceed the height of the seat or the rear wheel
– The front and rear brakes are mandatory, can be replaced with more efficient models
– The engine starting system must be safe and secure
– All rotating parts of the engine must be protected
– The front and rear fender are mandatory
– The footrests must be retractable or covered with rubber
– The brake and clutch levers must be protected by small balls at the ends and the rubber grips must be in good condition.

The motorcycles will be checked by the technical staff appointed by the Organizer, who will report any anomalies to the Participant and the Race Director; in case of lack of safety requirements, the motorcycle will not be admitted.


5) Class


See => Class




Access to the paddock from 18:00 to 23:30 on Friday 29th June and from 9.00am .. on Saturday 30th June.
For the event of Saturday 30th June see the attached “PROGRAM”.

A colored bracelet will be delivered to each registered Driver for his / her free practice session to be shown to the Personnel responsible for access to the track.

The Program may change according to the number of members: in that case it will be approved by the Race Director and displayed on the bulletin board. Tachometers and race times are provided with the help of transponders managed by the appointed timekeepers.

The Participation in the BRIEFING called by the Race Director is MANDATORY for all registered Drivers and it will take place at 15:00 on Saturday 30th June.

The pilots will be divided into two groups, according to the categories or other criteria depending on the number of participants. Each group will run 2 manches of 15 ‘.

The ranking will be compiled by adding the points obtained in the two manches for each category. Half of the riders, the fastest, will participate in the main event; the others will partecipate to the final consolation.




All Drivers will meet in the Pre-Park, adjacent to the Paddock, 10 minutes before the start of the turn/manche on the track. The access to the Pre-Park will be closed within 5 minutes before the start of the round/free practice/qualifying manche and the Driver who has not yet entered will no longer be able to participate.

In the Pre-park, in addition to the Drivers, their mechanics or carers will have access only if they have a MSP Card -MotoSportItalia. In the Pre-Park it is not allowed to smoke, drink alchool, to have pets and access with open shoes. Access to the Pre-Park must be carried out by the Conductors always with the push bikes.




The Drivers admitted for each category are from a minimum of 10 to the maximum required by the homologation of the circuit. Depending on the number of members, weather conditions and other variables, the number of participants will be evaluated by the Director of the competition with the Organizer, for safety reasons and optimal performance of the event.




The full sporting validity of a Manifestation is obtained at the end of the scheduled program. To obtain the validity of your sporting result every Driver must pass under the checkered flag on the finish line. The single run acquires full validity if at least 75% of the expected length is completed by the Leading conductor.

The single round interrupted by a red flag will be valid and will give the right to a half score, provided that the Leading Lead completes at least 50% of the expected length, and the positions of the Drivers found on the previous lap will be acquired for the classification. For security reasons and at its sole discretion, the Race Director may suspend the Event.

The driver who slows down or stops will be able to return to the track to reach 75% of the laps provided by passing on the finish line to get the validity of his sports score.




The Events are held in the name of Sport and Entertainment and all Drivers and their partners are required to always maintain a correct and fair conduct to ensure the smooth running and safety of all.
The Organizer, the Technical Staff and the Race Director are committed to ensuring the safety and smooth running of the Event. The Race Director, at his sole discretion, also following reports received, may suspend the Driver who does not comply with the general rules of good conduct either personally or by his mechanics and/or supporters.
The following behaviors are expressly forbidden:
1) Mechanical tests on the stand;
2) Change of Conductor – each Conductor can only use the motorcycle that has passed the technical checks;
3) On the circuit it is forbidden to repair the bike, fill the tank , receive external help;
4) Access to the various sections of the circuit is allowed exclusively to the Organization Staff;
5) If the Driver stops on the track due to mechanical problems, he must position the motorcycle safely and exit the circuit quickly
6) If a Driver leaves the runway during the race, he must return to the same place where he left without cutting the circuit, under penalty of disqualification
7) At the awards ceremony, the prizes will be awarded only to Drivers present
8) To protect the environment it is mandatory the ecological protection of the carpet floor under each motorcycle.




The Driver who, during a fall needs the madical aid, can resume partecipation at the event only with the approval of the doctor and after returning to the technical checks with helmet, sportswear and motorbikes in good condition.




The presentation of any complaints must take place within 30 minutes following the presentation of the rankings for each individual stage of the event and they must be presented in written and comprehensible form, addressed to the race director and accompanied by the payment of a guarantee fee of 50 Euros.
Each complaint can only deal with one topic, it must be signed by the interested rider or by the team leader and it must contain date and time of presentation.
The guarantee fee will be returned if the complaint is justified and left to the driver if it is unjustified.




The score is assigned for the single Manche to the Conductors according to the following scheme:

– 1° 50pt
– 2° 44pt
– 3° 40pt
– 4° 36pt
– 5° 32pt
– 6° 28pt
– 7° 26pt
– 8° 24pt
– 9° 22pt
– 10° 20pt
– 11° 18pt
– 12° 16pt

– 13° 14pt
– 14° 12pt
– 15° 11pt
– 16° 10pt
– 17° 9pt
– 18° 8pt
– 19° 7pt
– 20° 6pt
– 21° 5pt
– 22° 4pt
– 23° 3pt
– 24° 2pt
– 25° 1pt




The Nations Prize will go to the Country that will have obtained the highest score by adding the points of his 3 fastest drivers in the final. The first 3 Riders of the categories: G1, G2, G3, Little final and Main final will be awarded.

Participation Prize to all the conductors; It will consist of typical local products.

We will spend a nice moment with all the riders after the races.

Arena Cross Carpi will liven up the evening with music and Bar-Pizzeria open until late.


        Mx 50 Euronations